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This page contains a list of links that may be of interest or use to anyone involved with aviation. Please feel free to email us with suggestions for sites you think would be of use to others.


General Links

Website from an experienced pilot with many good links and touring reports 


A useful website with pilot reviews of UK airfields


A very good electronic pilot logbook


Piper Technical Publications 


Apply to convert a JAR-FCL Licence to EASA 


AB Helicopters. A company specialising in pilot services, flight training, ground instruction and charter brokerage 


Flight Planning

File a flight plan with the NATS AFPEx system  


File a General Aviation Report online  


Brand new free online flight planning system from SkyDemon and NATS (see here also)  


A highly recommended flight planning and inflight software. Free trial available!  


Worldwide charts for flight planning 


NATS UK airfield charts


CAA VFR Airspace Guide



TAFs/METARs displayed on a map of the UK


The European Aviation Weather Center




Aviation Jobs

Flight Global - "Aviation Jobs Worldwide"


Flightdeck Friend