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The aircraft is a PA-28-180 Cherokee C built in 1964 with the registration G-ASWX. It is powered by a 180hp (134kW) Lycomming O-360-A3A engine and has a maximum gross weight of 2400lbs (1089kg) .

The PA-28-180 has a tank capacity of 50 US Gallons (189 litres) and a fuel consumption of just under 10 US Gal/hour. This makes the aircraft a very capable tourer with a typical cruise range of about 590nm (680 miles) at 75% power. 

G-ASWX Northern Ireland


The Performance Charts can be used to determine factors such as takeoff and landing distance, range, TAS for a given RPM and cruise altitude, and rate of climb. Before every flight, it is necessary to ensure that the aircraft centre of gravity is within an acceptable envelope and that the gross weight is below the maximum for that particular CG. This calculation can be performed using the Mass & Balance Calculator.

The aircraft has a very well equipped cockpit. More information about the instrumentation found in the aircraft can be found here: The Cockpit.

G-ASWX Eaglescott


The Pilot's Operating Handbook (POH) for a Piper Cherokee C can be found in the manuals section. The following checklist can be used in conjunction with the POH as a guideline to operating the aircraft. The V-speeds for this particular aircraft can be found on the final page of the checklist.